Rabbit Abscess

by Philippa
(London, Greater London, UK)

Rabbit Abscess

Rabbit Abscess

Rabbit Abscess
Abscess Affecting Breathing

Hi all,

My rabbit has had an mouth abscess for over a year now.

It started off as a small lump the size of a marble just to the side his mouth. It is now the size of a golf ball and continually seems to be getting bigger.

I give him an anti-biotic injection (Depocillin) every 3 days. My vet has told me not to worry about lancing the abscess any more or squeezing it too much, unless it looks like puss could come out, as he believes a lot of the size is due to hardened tissue, however I believe the abscess is still getting bigger.

It's so big now, that it has changed the shape of his mouth and he sometimes sounds really nasally when he breathes, which makes me concerned that it is affecting his nasal cavity too.

I would like to try other natural remedies, in conjunction the Depocillin, to see if there is anything else I can do to help my bunn.

I've read that lavendar and echinacae can help, but I'd love to hear your advice on how much to use/feed and how to apply/treat.

My bunn is a little old man - about 11.5 years old, so surgery is out of the question.

Any other helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

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Jun 11, 2015
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by: Arvel Von

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Apr 16, 2015
Oooo More Info Please!
by: Anonymous

Wow that sounds brilliant! I will do some research in to that and create a page in my new book about it.
"How Long Do Rabbits Live" - If you would like to be featured in it, can you message me with some more details. Thanks so much! :-)

Apr 15, 2015
Fixed an Abscess
by: Anonymous

I paid around $350 for a minor surgery on a facial abscess. My rabbit had facial stitches. About 5 days after the abscess was cleaned out it started to fill up again. I started packing his cheeks with manuka honey and gave him a homeopathic remedy of Arnica Montana and Silicea X6. I watched the abscess disappear. I had researched and found that solution from a vet in Scotland or Ireland…I can't remember. I also gave him a few drops of liquid echinacea.

Nov 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for the advice and feedback Kerry. I'm going to call the vet and try and get another appointment to get it drained again.

Nov 21, 2014
Poor Painful Bunn!
by: Kerry

You poor bunny. I'm not a vet but I'm surprised your vet won't drain the puss out for the poor little man if you say it's getting bigger.

Abscesses are caused by obstruction of oil (sebaceous) glands or sweat glands, inflammation of hair follicles, or minor breaks and punctures of the skin. Germs get under the skin or into these glands, which causes an inflammatory response as the body's defenses try to kill these germs.

The middle of the abscess liquefies and contains dead cells, bacteria, and other debris. This area begins to grow, creating tension under the skin and further inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Pressure and inflammation cause the pain.

Old bunnies, or those with weakened immune systems for any reason, get certain abscesses more often as they have a decreased ability to ward off infections.

Other risk factors for abscess include exposure to dirty environments, exposure to persons with certain types of skin infections, poor hygiene, and poor circulation. (I'm sure you little man isn't exposed to any of this).

Some abscesses may "point" and come to a head so you can see the material inside and then they spontaneously open or rupture but some will continue to get worse without care. The infection can spread to the tissues under the skin and even into the bloodstream.

If the infection spreads into deeper tissue, your bunny may develop a fever and begin to feel ill and with rabbits, especially old ones that can't eat properly in your guys case, they will die.

What you can do at home that may help:

If the abscess is small apply a warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes 4 times daily.

Do not attempt to drain the abscess by pressing on it. This can push the infected material into the deeper tissues.

Do not stick a needle or other sharp instrument into the abscess center because you may injure an underlying blood vessel or cause the infection to spread.

However, judging by the photos, my immediate suggestion would be to get a rabbit savvy vet and get the abscess drained straight away.

I really do hope he's OK and gets better soon.

Kerry :-)

P.S. Antibiotics won't really help. Any herbal treatments won't really either as these all treat the symptoms. You need to get rid of all the debris then go from there.

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