Rabbit Abscesses: A Surprising Natural Cure

by G. Gabriel
(New Zealand)

The Rabbit Abscess Destroyer!

The Rabbit Abscess Destroyer!

Surprisingly if your rabbit develops an abscess there is a commonly found, relatively cheap solution!

Rabbit abscesses can be treated completely non-surgically in many cases with...

... believe it or not, a small application of good quality, pure honey!

Apply a small amount of honey directly to the swollen area.

Honey works by drawing the infection to the surface and drying the surrounding tissue.

Apply 3 or more times a day and be patient for the results!

After a few days you will see the skin change, then all at once the cheese-like pus breaks through.

Clean the pus away as it comes out and keep applying honey to the site for a few days.

This is most important as it dries out the cavity completely and prevents a recurrence.

And there's no need to worry if your rabbit licks the honey off during the whole process, in fact, the licking of the honey from the abscess seems to help.

We have cured many abscesses this way.

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Mar 26, 2018
Tooth Abscess NEW
by: Anonymous

My Bunny just developed a tooth access last week. We've been treating him with internal antibiotics as of Friday (A prescription sulphate drug). But as of now it doesn't seem to be shrinking. It may be getting bigger. The vet thinks he will need surgery to remove it, and the tooth, and says and type of draining or cutting in and washing it would also require anesthesia. This scares me. I really don't want him to have surgery or anesthesia if there's any other way to fix it. He's my baby. Would the honey treatment work for a tooth access? even if it's buried in fur? Any other suggestions? I would love some. He's 6 and the sweetest boy ever. He has fan clubs everywhere we visit, and loves people. He's always been quite healthy, but had some digestive issues a couple months ago that we treated. He's lost a bit of weight, but is eating a ton now to recover it. The vet ran a bunch of other tests last week to make sure he was ok, thyroid and all, and all his tests were normal. The access started the night after. Any advice is much appreciated!

Feb 15, 2018
Yes it works! NEW
by: Ana

I have Klaus' long abscess story to share but I'll do it when I have more free time. We've been dealing (for two moths and a half) with a tear duct abscess and I guess we're finally making it! No surgery, only natural antibiotics. (I've got pics to show the evolution.) And yes, we used honey and propolis as well on the abscess.

Jul 13, 2017
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried the honey on the abcess, does it really work?

My 6yr old Mini Lop has a couple of small abcesses just under his eye. We know its not his teeth as his front teeth were removed a few years ago due to mis-alignment. His back teeth were checked a month ago by the vet are fine.

I assume I need to trim away the fur around the abcess first, before applying the honey.

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