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"...Then I Fed the Entrails to My Cat."

Novelist Jeanette Winterson tweeted these revelations recently and it caused an uproar.

OK... Normal behaviour for a meat eater but many did not appreciate her need to share her eating habits with everyone else.

Perhaps because she insisted on adding a series of graphic images outlining her gruesome story; of the skinned rabbit, rabbit stew bubbling on the stove and then her cat eating the entrails, almost as if she was proud of herself in a hunter-gatherer kind of way!

Quick Apology:

Sometimes seeing images such as the ones below really upsets me and ironically the main message here is one of disgust for said images. The fact that Jeanette Winterson graphically detailed her revenge with words and photos caused uproar and now I am being insensitive by re-posting the whole gruesome ordeal.

However, I'm using this post to make my point and therefore I think the images are important to make that point - But do we need to see these images?

What do you think?

Share your thoughts with us -
If a Rabbit Ate Your Parsley What Would You Do?...

Being a novelist perhaps Jeanette felt she had some kind of obligation to her Twitter followers to detail her recent accomplishment in vivid detail, however the words she chose to illustrate her revenge upset more people than she probably intended to impress...

"It would make a great glove puppet"

Jeanette Winterson has long championed the joys of eating only the freshest organic produce.

So perhaps the novelist's online followers should not have been surprised when she posted a picture of a skinned rabbit she had caught and killed and was about to eat - because it was nibbling her parsley.

But her actions caused fury, particularly after she told her 32,700 Twitter followers that its head would make a great glove puppet.

The 54-year-old author of Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit insisted the unfortunate bunny was trapped humanely before being cooked in cider with rosemary and thyme.

However, she then risked further controversy by uploading a photograph of her cat finishing off its entrails.

Miss Winterson posted the first picture of the skinned animal on a worktop - thought to be at her Cotswolds cottage - with the caption: 'Rabbit ate my parsley. I am eating the rabbit.'

Novelist Jeanette Winterson

Novelist Jeanette Winterson
may be regretting
her recent Tweets.

This community will not
remember her for her
'average' book writing
but for her graphic
tweeting of her
revenge bunny killing.

The victim -
a little garden bunny,
Its only crime;
being hungry
for a morsel of parsley.

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Asked by one follower how she had caught it, Winterson replied:

"In a trap next to the parsley bed"

(Poor little bunny didn't stand a chance).

Graphic Tweets

She then said something quite inexcusable...

"The skin which includes the head
makes a great glove puppet."

and then she posted an image of the dead bunny that even meat eaters found offensive.

Jeanette Winterson Tweets Her Dead Garden Bunny

Shots of the rabbit meat bubbling on her Aga followed...

Bubbling Rabbit

Angry Responses

Jeanette's tweets began to attract angry responses from followers.

Jacqueline Looker wrote:
'Before I unfollow you, you make me sick. I will never again read a word you write. Rest in peace, little rabbit.'

Winterson replied: 'Do you only read vegetarians? If not, why is farmed meat fine but personally trapped disgusting? Think about it.'

She then posted the image of her pet cat in front of a bowl of the rabbit's innards, adding:

"No waste, no packaging, no processing,
no food miles."

A picture of the cat devouring the entrails followed, captioned:

"For all the Tweeters who said my cat
would prefer Whiskers [sic]
(where do u think pet food comes from BTW?)"

Jeanette Winterson's cat

Twitter user HollyHox replied:

"Thing is that most people don't feel a need to post such a graphic image and joke about it.
That's the difference."

Yes Holly, I agree with you!

Arthur Japin said:

"How your cat and you have disappointed me.
At least the cat has an excuse."

Of course the whole thing provoked a mixed response on Twitter, and in order to create an even overview, I shall mention the 'other view'...

One side called Jeanette's  contribution "revolting" and another said "U make me sick. I will never again read a word u write". Other comments included one calling the pictures "beautiful" and another asking: "Life in the wild, humanely killed, what's not to like?"

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