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Rabbit Washing

The Five Fundamentals

Rabbit ownership, or indeed the ownership of any animal that is kept as a pet or livestock, comes with requirements, by law; you must provide species specific care and attention.

Some first time rabbit owners have no idea about the levels of care needed, the cost implications and time commitments that rabbits require.

Many new owners wash their hands of these responsibilities when the going gets tough. And the going will get tough unless you are prepared!

There are 5 basic principles to consider:

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Peas in a Pod? They're Not!
There is no, one ‘perfect’ way, to care for all rabbits as there are many different breeds and varieties that require varying degrees of attention.

For example an Angora breed needs a lot of regular grooming and a small breed needs a lot more room to exercise, run and play than you might suspect.

A larger rabbit, (some can weigh up to 40lbs) needs a different kind of rabbit care than a dwarf breed. Dwarf rabbits can have fatal genetic problems that can cause kits to die early. Large rabbits are prone to pododermatitis (sore hocks) due to the pressure on the feet.

So you see, all rabbits are different. And we haven't even touched on their personalities!

Not All Rabbits are the Same.

Rabbits are all different.

Cats and dogs have their own unique personalities, rabbits do too.

Most domestic rabbit behaviour is still linked to the ancestral habits of wild rabbits, but still, each rabbit retains their own 'personality'!

A grouchy rabbit has a good reason for bad antics, a happy bunny, sad bun or even a depressed bunny can be read and understood if you recognise the signals and act accordingly.

Animal Welfare Act
Under the Animal Welfare Act, pet owners are legally obliged to care for their pets properly, most owners already do, by providing the five basic welfare needs.

The indoor rabbit is fast becoming as popular as the outdoor rabbit but the fundamentals of care don't differ very much. Take these steps to ensure their needs are met and all will be well...

Here are the five fundamentals of rabbit care that must be provided by law:

1. A healthy diet  -
What can rabbits eat? Answers to common rabbit diet questions, why water is so vital, how does a rabbit's digestive system really work, the components of good rabbit pellets, why muesli is so bad for rabbits, treats and the correct amounts, notes on hay, grass and plants, how to monitor a rabbits weight and a handy meal planner. It's all here!

Rabbit Diet

2. A suitable place to live  - Here you'll find the vital fundamentals of rabbit shelter and housing, including size criteria of rabbit hutches & cages, notes on toilet training, temperature considerations, safety precautions, crucial points about rabbit bedding, tips on transporting rabbits safely and boarding rabbits in the event of your absence.

Rabbit Litter Box Training

3. The ability to behave normally - Understand the behaviour of rabbits and learn why a two-way communication system is so important. Allow your rabbits the freedom to express themselves and hear the remarkable ways rabbits talk to us with their body language and rabbit sounds. Learn the importance of space, exercise, digging, hiding places, play, hygiene and how to spot signs of stress.

Rabbit in Run

4. Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease - Important points on rabbit health & welfare including rabbit vet advice on vaccinations, rabbit diseases such as VHD, flystrike, and myxomatosis, medicine & supplement advice, neutering, teeth & nail care, grooming advice, pet insurance comparisons and what behavioural signs to look for if a rabbit is in pain.

Rabbit Health

5. Appropriate company and handling - the importance of another rabbit or animal companions for social interaction and the supervision involved, the positive affects of neutering against aggressive behaviour, the need for hiding spaces to avoid unwanted attention, provision of responsible carers and tips and advice on the correct rabbit handling techniques.

Rabbit Companions

Those pages are your basic starting points and will provide you with all you require to understand your beloved bunnies and their all important needs.

Happy Bunny

Rewards of Doing it Right
Rabbit care is a vitally important part of successful rabbit ownership. Not only will the rabbit benefit from you knowing the valuable information contained above, but YOU will too.

The satisfaction of seeing your bunnies happy and healthy will make all your research and dedicated passion to your rabbits, all the more rewarding.

Grateful Rabbit

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!
Just for arriving at this page, you need a big pat on the back. You have done what many, and I mean thousands of people, have neglected to do... research! It doesn't matter where you find the information, but the fact is you've decided on due diligence to ensure you are the best you can be at owning a rabbit.

This section and subsequent pages are just for you, as a new rabbit owner, a rabbit owner that may have stumbled on some problems or even an experienced owner that may want to change old habits and ways of thinking, or even someone that has a small child pestering them for a pet ;-)

Congratulations for being so dedicated - rabbits deserve the best and after reading the five fundamentals of rabbit care, you will be!

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