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Kerry Greener has written some wonderful rabbit ebooks that deal with the modern day issues of indoor and outdoor pet rabbits, that many rabbit owners have found extremely useful.Kerry Greener has written some wonderful rabbit ebooks that deal with the modern day issues of indoor and outdoor pet rabbits, that many rabbit owners have found extremely useful.

These Rabbit eBooks are inspired by you, the rabbit owner, and all exist because keyword research has shown the topics covered are what you are interested in.

The information on rabbits contained within each of the rabbit ebooks below is some of the most detailed and 'correct' data on record today. It is a combination of many years working and a gathering of relevant knowledge, with the best bits from the many books, Websites and real people interviews taken over time.

A popular favourite for bunny owners with outdoor rabbits that like to spend some of their time out in the garden, is The Complete Toxic Plant & Bulb Guide.

It's everything you need to know about poisonous plants and how to treat bunnies that may be suffering with toxic poisoning! (It's more common than you think!)

Included in this rabbit ebooks page are some mini guides, pdf downloads and report documents that you may find of value on your quest to source good rabbit information. 

If you are new to rabbits or are thinking of bringing them in to your home and family, then check out this great favourite, our New Rabbit Checklist, perfect to get you started the right way!

All of the material Kerry writes about has an emphasis on rabbit care and well-being with a very modern-day approach.

All rabbit ebooks, guides and documents are compressed and small enough to easily download to any machine or device including your Kindle, Laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet, making them all perfect to take with on the move.

Just Rabbits eBooks

As many of us are spending longer periods of time at our PCs, Tablets or Smart Mobiles, whether it be for research, work, shopping or social networking, the benefits and advantages of e-books are becoming very clear.

eBooks Explained

rabbit ebooks

And, for those of you that are unsure of what an ebook really is, or you are still yet to be convinced that an ebook is for you, check out this great article by Remez Sasson, it explains the whole concept of an ebook wonderfully!

OK, so you know why ebooks are fab, convenient and great value for money. Lets have a look at a great little collection. The following rabbit ebooks contain some of the best information on rabbits and should cover most of what you need to know as a novice or  an experienced rabbit owner.

The Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist

Don't even think about getting rabbits until you check out this checklist!

This is EVERYTHING you need to know before your bunny rabbit comes home with you.

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New Rabbit Checklist
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Rabbit eBooks by Other Authors

bunny bookshelf

If you know roughly what type of information on rabbits you need, click one of the headings below to jump to complete descriptions and download links.

If not, just browse the page and see if anything binky-jumps out at you!

I've divided each section of the 'bookshelf' based on the main content. (Jump to a section to see the full range of titles available.) 

  • General Rabbit Care - Includes rabbit ebooks with information on bunnies for the beginner and advanced rabbit owner, from diet, housing, health and day to day care. Also includes great tips for training your rabbits and how to adopt and rescue bunnies.

  • Bunny Power - These rabbit ebooks are to help you on a personal level, from coping with the loss of a beloved pet rabbit to how to handle any anxiety you may have towards looking after your pet bunnies. Information found here will be on topics that affect us on a personal and spiritual level.allyon rabbits that effect us personally.

  • DIY Rabbit - These rabbit ebook downloads have some great ideas for some superb rabbit houses and homes you can make yourself. So if your a bit of a dab hand with the tool-box, you may save yourself some cash with these inspirational Do-It-Yourself plans.

  • Rabbits For Profit - Just Rabbits Limited doesn't promote selling 'physical' rabbits for meat or profit but there are other ways to make money with your pets! These ebooks will show you how. There are hundreds... 

Super Duper Cheat Sheet

Choose the Best Breed of Rabbit for YOU!

10 Simple Ways to Choose

Yep that's right... the title does exactly what it says!

It will give you all the information you need to make that perfect choice.

This super-duper 'cheat-sheet' is the ideal way for anyone that is fairly new to raising rabbits to come up with their perfect bunny breed and variety!

This excellent rabbit cheat-sheet, written by Kerry Greener, is the ideal way to choose your perfect bunny!

Enter your details in the box to the right get your super-duper, 10 Ways to Choose Your Perfect Bunny 'Cheat Sheet'...

This excellent rabbit cheat-sheet, written by Kerry Greener, is the ideal way to choose your perfect bunny!
10 Ways to Choose CheatSheet
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Rabbits for Profit eBooks

eBook 1
99 Ways to Make Money From Your Photos

Packed with insider tips, practical strategies, and case studies, the editors of the Successful Photopreneur reveal 99 creative ways to make money from your photography. Each chapter reveals what to shoot, how to break in, and where to go to generate sales.

Discover how to sell stock, approach galleries, host your own exhibition, earn with Flickr, shoot for social networking sites, create and market photo products, form joint ventures, upsell your event photography and much, much more. From beginners to enthusiasts and from hobbyists to professionals, 99 Ways To Make Money From Your Photos can help anyone earn income from their talent.

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The Many Different Ways to Profit From Selling Pet Photos...

You would be amazed at how many ways you can make money from selling high quality pet photos.

Here's a few to get your brain on over-drive!

  1. Sell Stock Photos
  2. Sell Your Images Royalty Free
  3. Sell Your Images Rights Managed
  4. Submit Your Pictures to Competitions
  5. Become a Local Photojournalist
  6. Attend Art Fairs
  7. Approach Galleries
  8. Host Your Own Exhibition
  9. Match Your Skill with Digital Artists
  10. Reach for the Stars with Dance Schools
  11. Entertain in Waiting Rooms
  12. Help Members of Craft Organizations
  13. Work with Hotels
  14. Makeover Your Income by Partnering with a Beauty Salon
  15. Illustrate the Work of Local Authors
  16. Make a Nursery Bloom
  17. Win Assignments for Magazines and Commercial Shoots
  18. Making Moo Cards
  19. Make Your Own Mouse Pads
  20. Earn Every Day with Calendars
  21. Create Photographic Trading Cards
  22. Turn Your Pictures into Wallpapers
  23. Let Buyers Eat Your Pictures
  24. Illustrate Recipes
  25. Create Publicity Photos for Businesses
  26. Shoot Local Stock
  27. Sell Posters
  28. Get Seasonal - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
  29. Build Your Own Commercial Website
  30. Sell Your Services on Freelance Sites
  31. Blog About Your Pictures And Get Paid for Them
  32. BritePic Your Pictures
  33. Earn with Flickr
  34. Shoot for Social Networking Sites
  35. Put Your Pictures on Microstock Sites
  36. Sell Photos and Win Commissions with PhotoShelter
  37. Its Not Just the Sizzle that Sells on Zazzle
  38. Get Crafty on Etsy
  39. Get Arty with RedBubble
  40. Earn in Your Coffee Break with CafePress
  41. Be Kind to Your Bank Account with ImageKind
  42. Make Image Thieves Pay You with PicScout
  43. Build Your Own Niche Stock Site
  44. Go Ethnic with GoGo Images
  45. Supply Science Pictures for Photo Researchers
  46. Put Your Images in Hotels with Farmboy Fine Arts
  47. Auction Your Art on eBay
  48. Market Your Images with Craigslist
  49. Help Singles Find Love with LookBetterOnline
  50. Take Your Cut with CutCaster
  51. Send Greetings with HarmonyWishes
  52. Get Sticky with Stickers
  53. Connect with LinkedIn
  54. Find Local Distributors for Your Local Images
  55. Decorate Cafes and Restaurants with Your Photos
  56. Give Pictures to NonProfits
  57. Understanding Niches
  58. The Power of Upselling
  59. Turn Your Images into Prizes
  60. Sell to eBay Auctioneers
  61. Cover the Earth with Your Pictures
  62. Earning from Photography Workshops
  63. Give Back to the Community
  64. Barter Your Art
  65. Market with the iPhone
  66. Use Direct Marketing
  67. Sell Your Images with Subscriptions
  68. Sell Exclusive Wholesale Licenses
  69. Give Homeless People Prints to Sell
  70. Team Up with Sales Reps
  71. Become a Paparazzi
  72. Shoot for Bounties
  73. Earn Real Income from Real Estate
  74. Road Testing Car Photography
  75. Shooting the Great Outdoors
  76. Fish for Earnings with Underwater Photography
  77. Reveal Hidden Secrets
  78. Make Money Fast with High Speed Photography
  79. Spread Your Name with Detailed Panoramas
  80. Sell Your Landscape Images
  81. Sell Your Wildlife Images
  82. How to Sell Your Vacation Photos
  83. Sell Your Family Photos
  84. Selling Pet Photos
  85. Shoot School Student Photos
  86. License Your Food Photos
  87. Take a Twist on Portraiture
  88. Shoot the Stars as a Set Photographer
  89. Score with Sports Photography
  90. Clean Up with Forensic Photography
  91. Earn with Event Photography
  92. Give Yourself a Treat with Children's Photography
  93. Make Money with Blurb
  94. Turn Your Pictures into Stories
  95. Turn Your Pictures into Colouring Books
  96. Create Your Own Photography Magazine
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All of these profitable methods can be found in The eBook 99 Ways to Make Money From Your Photos.

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eBook 2
How to Sell Stock Photos

Learn How to Shoot, Upload and Sell Photos From Their DSLR to Create a Monthly, Residual  Income  That  Keeps  on  Paying When You Stop Working!

  • Have you ever wondered how to sell stock photos using just your current DSLR and lens?
  • Would you like to grow your own library of images to produce a steady, monthly, residual income?
  • Would you like to learn how simple it REALLY is?

If you answered YES to the above, then this new stock photography eBook covers everything you need to know about selling stock photography.

Nick Stubbs, the author reveals all and as you can see from the sales print outs, photography can be very lucrative if you do it right.

For a limited time Nick is offering a 150 page bonus eBook, (valued at $47), entitled "The Business of Photography" and covers all aspects of running a photography business from getting clients, earning money with your camera, accounting, marketing, websites and even your health!

This is a time sensitive offer so grab it while you can!

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