Rabbit Fight?!

by Hannah
(New Zealand)

My 5 month old female Hazel has lived a majority of her short life with a 8 month old male Billie.

Hazel got bitten badly and lost the fur around the bite early in the morning. I noticed this but she seemed pretty happy despite it. I assumed it was a cat and took her to the vet.

But now that she is back and getting attention for her wound, Billie is getting extra jealous and chasing her around.

He even bit my brother when he went to pick Hazel up. This is unusual because usually Hazel will run and Billie will beg for love.

I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt tonight and check up on them in the morning.

I honestly cannot find much about rabbits attacking rabbits. I'm even concerned that he might have bitten her.

It could even be that he is jealous since I moved them to a new cage after she was attacked.

This new cage was Billies before Hazel came along and so he might consider it 'his territory'.

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

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