Rabbit Grooming & Quality Time

by Jan Perryman
(Isle of Wight)

Charlie's bad hair day!

Charlie's bad hair day!

Charlie's bad hair day!
Charlie looking handsome after grooming
Bracken pretty little lady after grooming
Looking into those big eyes

Initially I asked myself if having bunnies that would require regular grooming was a good idea.

It had to be a long term commitment. (The last time I had rabbits was when my son was 7yrs old and he is now 38! We eventually had 6 including 2 we rescued.)

Anyway I am so glad I decided on Lionheads.

They have such big, gentle and cheeky personalities for such small bunnies.

The daily grooming session is a wonderful bonding time. The trust they have is so rewarding. They both relax while I give them gentle massage working from nose to tail. Then I brush them using a slicker brush.

It is so lovely to hold them close and look into those lovely big eyes knowing that the pleasure is mutual.

Stroking their soft warm fur is so soothing for them and me.

It's not a chore, it's a real pleasure.

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