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Thousands of careful, well meaning rabbit owners all over the world spend fortunes on store bought rabbit hutches, shelters and runs everyday.

Some of these purchases are safe and fine and will last for many years.

Most will not.

Most are nothing more than expensive firewood.

There is a Solution!

Trying to find a decent, well made rabbit house that won't fall apart within a year is a task in itself, but there are other things to consider such as safety, cost and most importantly, SIZE.

You don't need to worry... You are not alone

Rabbit Owner Learner?
Rabbit Owner Newbie?
  • Don't struggle any more trying to come up with a solution.
  • Don't get frustrated trying to work it all out.
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with possibilities.
  • Don't be concerned if you think you have made a mistake.

You have probably come to this page because you need answers to some niggling or perhaps even major issues with your rabbit housing.

  • Do you want more time playing with your healthy happy rabbits?
  • Do you want less time at the vets with sick bunnies?
  • Do you want more peace of mind knowing your rabbits are safe in their home?
  • Do you want less time repairing hutches, houses and shelters from damage and decay?

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What Makes This Rabbit Hutches Guide So Different?

Rabbit hutches, cages, runs and shelters are important considerations when raising rabbits.

But which rabbit home is best for you AND your rabbits?

This complimentary guide will answer all your questions and give you some brilliant examples of the best rabbit housing for your rabbits?

Yep, This Rabbit Hutches Guide really will answer ALL your questions.

I Can Make You This Promise Because...

... The rabbits told me to write it!

Everything inside this rabbit hutches guide is tried, tested and approved by rabbits!

I have many rabbit owners, breeders and experts from all over the world writing to me everyday, sharing their insights, stories and inspiration with me and they have agreed to let me share them with you, in this guide.

"Why Are You Giving It Away?"

Good Question.

This concise rabbit hutches guide might be free now but it sure won't feel like that when you get it and it certainly won't be FREE for long.

At the moment it is a gift to all the many visitors has had over the past two years.

It's a Birthday present if you like, to you all.

Without your help and support over these past 2 years, we would not be here and neither would thousands of bunnies!

So we thank you from the bottom of our rabbit loving hearts and give you this guide as a gift.

"Oh Goodie! What's In it??"

Smart bunny owners like you know that rabbits need space to move.

As a hard-working, dedicated rabbit lover, you deserve to see your rabbits happy and healthy for many years.

You know that if you just had the right materials, the right knowledge and the right guidance, you could create a living environment for your rabbits that would last them a life-time.

With your current determination, you know you could crack this 'perfect rabbit house' lark if you just had some simple, easy-to-follow plans.

Well, that's exactly what's included in this Rabbit Hutches Guide.


“I’d love you to get a copy of this Rabbit Hutches Guide.

I'd also really love to hear back from you after you've read it and especially after you've followed some of the suggestions and ideas inside.

Let me know how things are going for you and your rabbits. There’ll be plenty of people waiting to hear back from you too and I know we'll all have fun sharing our rabbit house stories and pictures!"

Common Problems - Real Solutions

Any Of These Been on Your Mind?

  • Constant Yearly Repairs:
    “It’s midnight and you're still in the garage trying to repair the felt roofing on your old rabbit hutch... You know it’s got to stop”

  • The Need For Real Rabbit Freedom:
    “You’d love to give your bunnies more space to enjoy the freedom of the garden... imagine that!”

  • The Desire For Real Results:
    “You don’t mind giving your rabbits ANYTHING they want, you love them, you work hard to look after them. You'll try anything as long as you’re confident you’ll see results…”

  • The Feeling of Isolation is Gone With Real Ongoing Support:
    “When you download this Rabbit Hutches Guide, you’re automatically entitled to ongoing care and support from us and all the other members of the Just Rabbits community”

If you are worried or concerned, this guide will do exactly what it's supposed to - Guide you through to a happy conclusion, complete satisfaction and as a result, a rabbit house to really rabbit on about!

"I really hope you enjoy this free guide.

With real examples, unique design ideas and links to remarkable hints and tips, I just know you’ll feel inspired and creative by the time you've finished reading it.

I'm sure you’re going to love this 'little on-line knowledge scroll' and I really want you to read it to the end so you can discover how to create a beautiful, practical, affordable rabbit homes that any rabbit would be delighted to inhabit!"

Traditional Thinking?

When I first started down the rabbit owner road, I did what my parents did. I followed tradition.

I bought a cheap store bought rabbit hutch, attached it to small, low, mesh-covered run and plonked a rabbit in it.

Voilà! I had a pet rabbit.

The problem was, my parents learned about raising rabbits from their parents and their parents learned from their parents and so on...

I discovered everything I was doing was all wrong.

For so many reasons.

Find out what those reasons were and why.

All will be revealed in the Rabbit Hutches Guide

Proper Rabbit Housing Does Exist

Get Creative

These are just a few examples of what a great rabbit house should be but so many rabbit owners struggle to find good quality rabbit housing products for their rabbits.

A common problem I hear all the time...

"I can't find any well made rabbit hutches near where I live"

This free rabbit guide will address this very issue - plus many, many more.

This is a completely new approach to common problems.

This guide does not exist anywhere else.

At the moment you can't get it from any other website. It is exclusive to

There are hints, tips, suggestions and examples you probably have not seen or even thought of before.

What's Included in The Rabbit Hutches Free Guide?

Thoughtful considerations, inspirational concepts and wonderful ideas to smash up the notion of the dreadful 'hutch'...

  • Rabbit Housing Guidelines -
    What the Law says, housing sizes, shelter, protection, exercise space, situation, location and stimulation are all important considerations and are all detailed in the guide.

  • Social Rabbit Housing -
    Rabbits are happier in social groups, at the minimum in a pair. Accommodating a number of rabbits is rewarding and not difficult at all. The Rabbit Hutches guide will give you all you need to know about looking after lots of bunnies.

  • Materials & Design -
    What should your rabbit house be made of? Some materials are better than others. This guide will give you everything you need to know about safe materials and clever ways to use design concepts.

  • Hygiene & Management -
    Keeping living, exercise and sleeping areas of a rabbit house clean and free from harmful beasties and chemicals are vital for overall rabbit health. This guide shows you how and includes some innovative tips on how nature can help. 

  • Crucial Bedding Criteria -
    Outdoor rabbits need much more bedding material than indoor rabbits, a fact that often gets overlooked. The guide covers some great tips and bedding guidelines and also some insights into breeding rabbits.

  • The Traditional Rabbit Hutch Vs Rabbit Hutch Alternatives -
    A review of the Victorian hutch and some great alternatives to inspire even the most analytical of minds.

  • Rabbit House Plans -
    Links to downloadable plans for you to create the rabbit house of your dreams!

  • Community Gallery -
    A peek at some super images of our community members rabbit houses, runs and shelters. These lucky bunnies are really loved!

Plus Much, Much More!!

Downloadable Rabbit Housing Plans

You'll be surprised at how easy building your own rabbit hutch can be.

And even if you can't do it (or won't do it :-), they'll be a DIY enthusiast in your life that would love to help.

The downloadable plans inside this guide will make the process so much easier for everyone!

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  • Educate yourself on sourcing the best rabbit housing for your domestic pet rabbits - saving time and money.

  • Understand the importance of space and design and plan your rabbit housing according to the area you have available.

  • By the time you have finished reading this guide you will understand everything you need to know to achieve your goals.

  • You'll be able to build a rabbit house yourself (if you want to) or know how to get someone else to do it for you.

  • You'll know your costs and expenditures up-front.

  • You knowing how to properly care for your rabbits will give them a happy, more fulfilling life.

  • Your friends and family will be asking YOU for advice :-)

  • Your rabbits will live longer.

  • Trips to your Vet will be few and far between - that will save you a fortune!

Yes Please!

I'll Download This Wonderful Guide Right Now!

Thank you for reading this page and I'll see you on the other side ;-)

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Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits Limited

Cheerio for now,

Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits Limited

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I have also written a very comprehensive e-book about keeping your rabbits safe from poisonous plants, both inside and outside the home.

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Poisonous plants and bulbs rank high among the causes of death and sickness to grazing and foraging types of domestic pets all over the world. This reference guide will go some way to assist pet owners, breeders and any other persons concerned with the identification of potentially poisonous plants and bulbs.

Practically every toxic plant you can think of is included in this handy guide. It is easy to follow and has both a quick reference check and a comprehensive description per plant/bulb and outlines some of the most toxic and poisonous plants for all household and domestic pets.

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Get the Revolutionary iRabbit READY System...

Get the Complete iRabbit Ready System right now...

Your bunnies deserve it!

Get all the Steps, Guides, Bonuses & Infographics together!

Find out more about the amazing iRabbit READY System...