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Given a choice rabbits will almost always prefer being outside.

Those that don't like being outside probably haven't had the opportunity to really 'experience' it. Avid indoor dwellers take comfort in the safety that is offered to them indoors. This environment is familiar. The area they occupy inside is what they know and understand to be the equivalent of a burrow.

Rabbit Hutches

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There are some lucky bunnies who benefit from both indoor and outdoor life, but the issue with many rabbit enthusiasts is not the 'indoor vs outdoor' debate at all.

The issue that most rabbit owners have is about, SPACE.

The SIZE of the home, hutch, room, cage, shed, or to use a bunny term, 'burrow', etc,  is the real topic of hot debate.

So, how much space do bunnies need?

Only huge rabbit hutch will do, and by huge, this means at least 6 foot .

Bigger, if you have more than one rabbit.


Well, there are lots of very valid reasons, have a quick read of this page and you'll see.

Chest Great!
I, personally, really don't like the term 'rabbit hutch' as it the word hutch itself implies 'small'.

Coming from the French word 'huche' and meaning small chest, you can understand why.

But 100 years ago, that's exactly what rabbits were stored in, being fattened up for food.

So, why oh why are these crates on legs still being recreated and sold as homes for rabbits?

Kerry Greener - Just Rabbits Limited

Best Selling Rabbit Hutches?

Let's take a look at the some of the most popular rabbit hutches on the market sold by some of the major retailers...

Some readers may have seen the slogan 'A hutch is never enough' as part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness on the living conditions of domestic pet rabbits. But the word 'hutch' is not really a good word, and while the statement is making it clear that 'hutches' are not enough, the words do still state that a 'hutch' is present. It implies that you can indeed have a hutch, but just that you need to add more. More of what, is not actually clear.

The intention of this statement is honourable, of course, but most loving, caring, responsible pet rabbit owners agree that a 'hutch' is no good at all. You can add all the runs, levels and play areas you like, you still have a 'hutch'. This is like putting a Formula One racing driver on the circuit at Brands Hatch and then giving them three wheeled Reliant Robin to drive round the race track in.

Why a Hutch Is Not Enough

If you go back in time, about 110 years or so, you will see that the traditional style 'rabbit hutch' was really just a pantry. A place where a rabbit was kept to get fat before going in to the pot. They were intentionally restricted – the fatter the rabbit, the bigger the meal.

It's also interesting to note that the word 'hutch' comes from the French word 'huche', meaning, a chest on four legs. Hundreds of years ago people used to convert old tea chests into 'storage' areas for rabbits. These traditional shaped hutches were basically a small crate, sometimes on legs, and adapted to have two very small compartments, one closed, and one with a bit of mesh on the front. Many of these little rabbit crates are depicted in old Victorian paintings. Most were placed on the floor of an out building or put on legs and tucked away at the bottom of the vegetable patch. If there were any legs on these converted crates, they were only added to give the rabbit owner ease of access, and not for any health benefit of the rabbit.

With the advancement of modern packaging, these wooden boxes and barrels were no longer available and cardboard became the preferred packing material of the day, but this soft card was completely useless as a rabbit hutch, it just collapsed when it got wet. However, the tradition stuck. It became a habit. People needed to keep their rabbits in something and the habit of keeping rabbits in a small 'hutch' was engrained in the minds of rabbit owners. Companies started manufacturing 'tea chest-like' containers specifically for rabbits. These cramped containers were made to meet the high demand.

But Why?

Why, after over 140 years, do some people still think this type of accommodation is satisfactory to give pet rabbits? Dogs and cats were never this misunderstood. In fact cats were worshipped in long distant times by many world cultures. For many, the thought of keeping a cat boxed up for most of it's life is immediately dismissed as abhorrent. Dog owners that confine their animals to small kennels with inadequate space to move, run and play, are treated as performing a felonious act, animals are seized and re-homed by pet charities and organizations, and owners may then be prosecuted for cruelty.

Yet rabbits, even with the statistic of being Britain's 3rd most popular pet after the dog and the cat, continue to be overlooked. Everywhere, we still discover modified crates at the bottom of gardens with solitary, sad rabbits in them, sitting, motionless for hours and hours on end. Miserable, lonely and misunderstood.

How NOT to Do It

The rabbit you see in this tiny hutch, is without a companion, stretching space or hopping room. There is nowhere for the rabbit to shelter from the full sun and it is of such a build that it would not protect against predators. This is not how a rabbit should live.

What do you think?

Have you bought a hutch like this one?

How long did it last?

Do your bunnies like it?

Please share your experience of your purchase!

Got any good recommendations for alternatives?

Click here to share...

Rabbit Hutches to Rabbit Housing 

OK - so let's take a look at some real alternatives.

Rabbit hutches that aren't just 'hutches', but real rabbit 'homes'.

Rabbit housing that will last a lifetime, well made, spacious bunny housing that will provide everything your precious little buns could ever need....

Home Is Where the Heart Is

From here on in, we will refer to 'rabbit hutches' as 'rabbit houses', because, this is indeed, what they should be.

The dictionary describes the word 'house' to mean 'a building used as a home'. By definition, the word building means something more than a flat packed, flimsy ply-wood box and the top meanings of the word 'home' are:

  1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
  2. the place in which one's domestic affections are centred.
  3. the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.

Would you prefer to label your rabbit's house like it was their 'home'? The term certainly carries more affection!

Handmade Rabbit Housing

Of course you just can't beat a hand crafted, made to measure rabbit house.

And there are some beautiful handmade rabbit homes out there, that are amazing quality, and are not made on mass. But you really have to search high and low for these wonderful creations and the clever small business people who are truly passionate about their skill and craft.

Take a look at the sizes, quality and pricing of the following rabbit homes, compared to the tiny, high priced rabbit hutches the large retail chains are offering, and...

There should be no compromise when it comes to your rabbit's home. These rabbit homes are built to last!

Buying a cheap, badly made rabbit hutch is just plain daft and a false economy.

Let's Do the Maths...

If an average pet shop or pet supermarket rabbit hutch lasts at best up to 4 years and costs £120 to buy new, then repairs, covers, additions and treatments are approximately £50 each year to keep it in a condition that is sufficient to protect and shelter rabbits, then in 8 years (the current average age of a domestic pet rabbit) we can deduce the overall price for buying a cheap rabbit 'hutch'...

  • Year 1 = £120
  • Year 2 = £50
  • Year 3 = £50
  • Year 4 = £120
  • Year 5 = £50
  • Year 6 = £50
  • Year 7 = £50
  • Year 8 = £120
  • TOTAL = £610

And that's only for 8 years, a healthy rabbit should live in to their teenage years so the price is much higher in reality. Add in the fact that your rabbits are also not at all comfortable and will live an unhappy life in an extremely cramped tiny hutch and the benefits of buying cheap are diminished.

So for the same price, or in many cases much less, you can delight in the ownership of a wonderful hand-crafted creation like the ones above.

It just makes sense to spend a little bit more initially on buying better quality!

PLUS they will last over 10 years, and probably a lot more if you look after it.

With the same amount of attention you give to your garden shed every year, you can make these luxury rabbit homes last even longer and probably way past 15 years.

If you think about it, they work out far cheaper!

If you truly care about your bunnies, and most rabbit owners do, give them the home they deserve.

Browse the range of luxury rabbit homes here!

Let's Look at it Another Way

Smash it Up
In fact the English language uses the phrase 'rabbit hutch' to convey a meaning of 'small', 'tiny', 'cramped', etc. E.g. "The houses on this road are like rabbit hutches."

This is why I'd like to smash the concept of the words 'rabbit hutch', out of the minds of rabbit owners and move towards some alternatives; 'rabbit house', 'rabbit housing', and even better, 'rabbit home'! Of course there's ...shed, cage, condo, etc too, but you get my drift ;-)

Break it Down
So I'm going to give you a break down - some thoughtful considerations, a few inspirational concepts and wonderful ideas to smash up the notion of the dreadful 'hutch' - and, by the way, this is by request, the rabbits asked me to do it:

  • Indoor Rabbit Housing - This page is dedicated to the lucky indoor bunny. The housing requirements for indoor companion pets are very understandably different.
  • Rabbit Housing Guidelines - What the Law says, housing sizes, shelter, protection, exercise space, situation, location and stimulation are all important considerations.
  • Social Rabbit Housing - Rabbits are happier in social groups, at the minimum in a pair. Accommodating a number of rabbits is rewarding and not difficult at all.
  • Materials & Design - What should your rabbit house be made of? Some materials are better than others. There are some great rabbit house plans out there too!
  • Hygiene & Management - Keeping living, exercise and sleeping areas of a rabbit house clean and free from harmful beasties and chemicals are vital.
  • Bedding - Outdoor rabbits need much more bedding material than indoor rabbits. Here's a helpful video, some great tips and bedding guidelines.
  • The Traditional Rabbit Hutch - Reluctantly I shall review the modern equivalent of  the Victorian 'pantry', and hopefully you will get some idea of what to stay clear of!
  • Rabbit Hutch Alternatives - There are some great alternatives to a hutch and manufacturers are cottoning on to the real issues of proper rabbit housing.
  • Community Gallery - Take a peek at some super images of our community members rabbit houses, runs and shelters. These lucky bunnies are really loved!

DIY Alternatives

There are always alternatives available to the traditional type rabbit hutch. With a little ingenuity you can turn a chicken house into a great rabbit house, a children's playhouse into a perfect bunny pad and a common old garden shed can have a makeover to a happy-hoppy home too.

Just take a look at these pictures and you'll see what I mean...

Barrel Bunnies
You can get these barrels or vats from a local brewery or take a look online. They are everywhere! They don't take much converting either, most are made from solid oak too.

Barrel Bunnies

Hoppy Holiday Chalet
I love this one, the position is great as well, with great protection and shading from the overhanging trees. I love the fact the rabbits all have window seats around the edge of the house too.

For more stylish rabbit housing and
DIY rabbit hutch alternatives, check out this page...

Are Your Rabbit Hutches Big Enough?

This is just one question, there are lots that come to mind on the subject of rabbit hutches, so why not have your say on what you have read here.

Have you got anything in response to these questions?...

  • Have you spent a fortune on a rabbit hutch only for it to fall apart at the first sign of bad weather?
  • How many rabbits do you house in your hutch at one time?
  • How much exercise do you think your rabbits are getting in their run?
  • Do the big retailers of small rabbit hutches need to sit up and listen to rabbit owners all over the world?
  • Do you make your own rabbit housing? Share your pics here - we all want to see how easy it can be!

There are many issues around proper rabbit housing and some topics raise more questions than they answer. If you are passionate about your bunnies, please share your thoughts or questions below... We really would love to hear from you!

Are Your Bunnies Living the High Life?

Do you have a great rabbit home you'd like to share with us?

As more and more people realize that a 'Hutch is Not Enough', rabbit owners are coming up with some really creative solutions to their rabbit housing.

Some are amazing structures of craftsmanship while others have a simplistic, yet practical purpose, but one thing is for sure - they're all better than the tiny hutches we've been so used to seeing in the past.

Unfortunately, these crates on legs are still being sold on the Internet and in pet shops, so lets show potential new rabbit owners that there is another way!

I've come across a few people that have been to pet shops and voiced their opinions about these dreadfully small hutches and most don't get anywhere. Have you experienced the same? Perhaps a 'Name-and-Shame-the-Shop' might help?

Share your pictures or tell us a story, I'd love to hear from you. No matter how small your contribution, it helps the general cause, Hutches Out - Houses In! ;-)

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All input is good, no matter how small ;-) Thank-you.

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