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Email newsletters are on every Website now days and I see sign up forms on nearly every site I visit. I have joined a few too and I have been really pleased with many, but I  usually need to have a really good reason for 'risking' it to be honest.

The risks being proved to me over and over again when not only am I disappointed in the content when it arrives but I'm then subjected to a barrage of spam for my efforts too.

Our email is different, I promise!

"Yeh, I've heard that one before!"... ...I hear you cry

But no, honestly, it really is.

For a start it is tailored specifically for YOU, Yes you!

How do you manage that then?... ...You may very well question.

It's a new system and it's all very scientific and clever (Ooooo!).

You can read some more reasons why it's so groovy below, but to be honest why not just save time, click here to plop your name in the box and give it a go?

Remember, you can always un-subscribe at any time :-)

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What Everyone Ought to Know About the
Just Rabbits 'Rabbit Report'

OK so you are online and your trawling through hundreds of rabbity websites trying to find a solution to your dilemma with your bunnies. Or you've no idea what you're doing and you need assistance. 

And you know you can dramatically save time and get everything you need while you are on the move, relaxing at home or even offline, by getting valuable amazing content, tailored to you, delivered straight to your inbox...

...By simply choosing one of our options below!

That's why you're going to love this 'Rabbit Report'. It delivers all the solutions you could ever need as a rabbit owner, breeder or even if you just love bunnies!

And because you're going to love the convenience of all this, we know you're going to love the content!

This 'ezine' (Online Newsletter), will be full of cool trends, top information and up to date reports on everything others and myself are offering.

It also announces any special events, important diary dates or competition announcements etc. It's full of other great stuff too!

Keep reading if you love all things bunny, this ezine is just a bit special!

Most People Who Are Serious About Their Rabbits Have Already Seen the Benefit of This Rabbit Report

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How Do I Get the Content I Want Without Being Bombarded With Rubbish?

Many of us, including me, have a few hesitant moments before signing up to yet another email newsletter.

But this one is very different, yet still...

You may be thinking...

  • "I've got too much junk coming in to my email already..."
    I do my best to not send too often and to make sure that every email you get is really helpful and current or connects you with something that might be helpful in the future.

  • "I don't want to be bombarded with you trying to sell me something every 5 minutes..."
    We do not spam and the software we use to send your newsletter is very strict about the rules too. You set the frequency of all newsletter correspondence. And if you want more juicy-bits you have the choice to subscribe to my blog, where the bulk of my valuable content is. I come across great info all the time and if I emailed you every time, you'd probably find it a bit too much.

  • "I don't think you'll have anything of value to me, I already subscribe to a few other rabbit related newsletters..."
    I have checked online by subscribing to most of the good ones myself and I've understood what's missing with each. By researching Search Engine keywords, I make sure each mailing contains sought-after, topical content, not fluff, filler and sales pitch.

You will see that all of those concerns disappear as soon as you get the very first newsletter.

How to Get What You Want From an Online Newsletter...

Here's a brief outline of regular monthly topics:

  • * Breed Profiles - Dwarfs & Giants coming soon!
  • * Bunny Care - Diet Tips & Health Advice
  • * Illness Watch - Common Disease Overview
  • * Recipes - Including Organic Treats
  • * Hutches & Housing Guides - With Downloadable Plans
  • * Happy Hoppers - Your Rabbit Photos
  • * Expert Interviews - Breeder, Shelters, Society Interviews etc
  • * Quick Fact Corner - Hints, Tips & Tutorials
  • * Topical News - Interesting & Up-to-date News

"Yeh yeh, OK, but what else you got?!"...

I hear you mumble, still not convinced?

Hey, if you are click here to join all the rabbit savvy folks now!

If not, Oooo, You are difficult to please aren't you!

Well keep reading...

What Are You Missing
If You Don't Get The Rabbit Report?

Hundreds of happy Rabbit Report receivers are already enjoying FREE popular e-books, reports, video training guides, podcasts, soundbites, jokes, funny pictures and inspirational ideas and topical trending content from around the world and much more!

Their brains are full of juicy amazing stuff and EVERYONE want to sit next to them at dinner parties. Lol

You're Going to Love This

It sounds like a lot of information and there's no way you want all that content being delivered in to your email box all the time, so we have devised a way of you just getting what YOU want.

You Are In Complete Control. You can dictate the content and the frequency!

We have sectioned the introduction email in to 5 main areas of interest...

You're going to love this - Keep reading...

Areas of Interest

As our community has grown we have noticed some specific areas that most members 'fall into':

  1. Learners - People that are just doing some research or getting general information, facts & notes on rabbits
  2. Newbies - Those that have just recently got a rabbit or those of you that are thinking of getting rabbits.
  3. Sellers - Those of you that love rabbits so much you want to earn a really good income from their welfare, care and promotion. We'll show you how!
  4. Breeders - The more experienced breeder/expert or those wanting to start breeding special & rare breeds to improve a 'standard'.
  5. Shoppers - Those of you that own rabbits, love them and cherish them and want to provide for them (and buy the occasional rabbit related gift for friends and family) 

Our email system will categorize you
and only send you emails that are relevant to your interests!

Clever huh!?

So all in all, it's a very informative newsletter for rabbit owners, breeders & lovers of all things bunny. Even if you're not a fan now, you may be soon!

Even if you don't have rabbits you might know someone who does - they'll appreciate the new 'Rabbit Savvy' you!

Say Yes now by filling in the Rabbit Report form below and take a peak at the next issue - coming soon!

Also, if you're worried about what I'm going to do with your email address... It's strictly between us, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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