Rabbit Smells Funky

by Jason
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Spot the Signs

Spot the Signs

Recently, my little bunny has been acting reclusive. We thought it was just because of a change in the weather and thought nothing of it.

But then we noticed that he'd begun to eat and drink a lot slower. He is almost six so we then thought perhaps it was down to old age.

Then we noticed a smell coming from him and thought it was just a "rabbit smell" and that he would take care of it himself.

But then, when I went to stroke his chin, there was a strong smell on my finger that had come from his mouth area.

I don't know if it is an infection in his mouth or his stomach or tooth or something else.

There are no visible signs of an abbsess or anything but I'm very worried. He still has a long life to live.

My question is, is there anything that we can do to help him before we see the vet?

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Dec 17, 2015
bunny spot on side of face
by: Anonymous

Bunny has a spot on side of nose next to mouth that is oozing with a smell what home remedy can be done if home remedy

Jun 10, 2015
stinky bunny chin trouble
by: Anonymous

It's probably a scent gland infection or abscess. I'm no vet, but I do raise rabbits on the micro farm setting and have to take care of issues my self from time to time. My advice is strictly out of my own experience and research.
A diluted rinse of iodine or Vetricyn sprayed on the affected area would help treat it for the time being. If it is an abscess, it will have to be lanced and drained. I, personally, would seek a vet's advice and get some help. Remember, rabbits can go down hill really fast, so seek immediate help from a professional who specializes in rabbits when things get out of hand.
I sure hope your little bun gets better. :)

Jan 07, 2015
Helpful hints?
by: Kerry

Your darling bun hasn't completely stopped eating or drinking yet but the signs are there. Well done for spotting them. I recommend you get him to a vet as soon as possible. When a rabbit stops eating or drinking then it is quite serious.

I'm not a vet but it may be "Snuffles" (Pasteurella) or an absess that you can't see. (Sometimes they hide themselves way down in the back of the throat and back jaw.)

Pasteurella can be seen as a respiratory disease with symptoms being from a mild discharge from the nose and eyes and the bunny sneezes a little, to so severe case where bunny can develop severe pneumonia, which may result in death.

Another (most common way) that you see Pasteurella is in the formation of abscesses (a collection of diseased and dead infected material (pus). They often form in the jaw and neck area, but can develop anywhere. They can be very difficult to get rid of and many rabbits with jaw abscesses have had part or all of their lower jaw surgically removed to try and keep the abscess from getting worse. In cases like this their scent glands (under the chin) smell bad and they their eating and drinking is affected.

Remember these are just a few inclings on my part as I can't see the bunny, not am I a vet. Also remember that disease symptoms are part of an underlying 'cause' and finding out 'why' a rabbit is ill is half the solution.

Hvae a look at this page on bunny behaviour during illness: https://www.justrabbits.com/rabbit-behavior.html

This health check chart is good for checking symtoms: https://www.justrabbits.com/rabbit-behavior.html#chart

There is also a great rabbit health check list here: https://www.justrabbits.com/vet-advice.html#healthcheck

I really hope the little fella gets better soon but please make an appointment with your nearest rabbit savvy vet as soon as possible.

Let us know how he gets on and a photo of him looking safe an well would be fab!

Thanks for sharing.
Kerry :-)

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