Rabbit Snuffles - Antibiotics and Natural Remedies

by Joanne
(St Catharines, Canada)

Things are serious when a rabbit stops eating or drinking.

Things are serious when a rabbit stops eating or drinking.

Things are serious when a rabbit stops eating or drinking.
Echinacea boosts the immune system
Colloidal Silver - Natures Antibiotic
The 7 Fundamentals of Rabbit Health in Step 1 of the iRabbit READY System

Our bun has the snuffles for the second time in less than a month!

The vet has reissued the meds, and Bun has now been taking them for 24 hours.

He is not eating or drinking on his own but we are giving him water through a dropper as well as Oxbow critical care " pablum".

MY question is... Can I give him natural compounds, such as grapefruit seed drops in his water?

If so how many drops to say, 2 cups of water?
(The two cups are what I would put into a measuring cup to use over the day)

And what about echinacea?

Can this be given to him in his water as well, and again if so how much?

I am wary of giving him the 'naturals' while on the meds from the vet.

Clearly I am a newbie to owning bunnies.

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Jan 18, 2017
Wood Burning Stoves
by: Kerry

Hi Joanne

In response to your question about wood burning stoves there is evidence to suggest that these can indeed cause many problems with our health and that of our pets.

Wood smoke from fireplaces and wood-burning stoves contain fine particles and allergens that cause asthma in dogs, cats and rabbits and causes difficulty breathing, wheezing and allergic bronchitis.

Long-term exposure to high levels of NO2 can lead to chronic bronchitis and according to Medical News Today, "Burning wood may be associated with lung cancer."

So it's my recommendation that you check your stove for emissions and check your wood source and other burnables for allergens, chemicals and residual toxins that are used in solid fuel manufacturing. They are not only effecting your pets but everyone in your home.

Allergic asthma is a chronic allergic condition of the lungs. People with allergic asthma, breathing difficulties such as wheezing, chest tightness and coughing can be triggered after inhaling something to which they are allergic, like tree pollen or mold.

It is the same for most animals, especially pet rabbits as they are preferred nasal breathers but they cannot cough or vomit any nasty particles, etc up.

Therefore smoke, strong smells (chemical cleaning solutions) aerosols, detergents etc can trigger symptoms as well.

The consequences of triggered reactions can then fire up the immune system's defenses, leading to an inflammatory reaction in the lower respiratory tract. This reaction causes, among other things bronchospasm that results in constriction to the airways.

The inflamed and constricted airways may also become blocked with mucus, adding to a rabbit's breathing difficulties.

So in a nutshell - yes, the stove can be the cause. :-(

Jan 09, 2017
Thank you for the information
by: JOanne

Hi, I kept on giving bun his meds from the vet along with the Grapefruit seed and a dissolved 400mg echinacea, I added this to his Pablum and gave by dropper for 5 days, within the first day or so there was a difference in his snuffles,less white mucus,one of his eyes had clouded over, I used a warm tea bag on it, so far nothing has come back on the eye, I am still giving him the Grape fruit seed in his water bottle.He is no longer on the pablum, eating is back to normal,no more white mucus,when he runs there is no heavy breathing.I am wondering if a wood stove would have any connection to his snuffles? he does not go near the stove and is not housed near it, but he does have free run of the room the stove is in.

Jan 05, 2017
Natural is Best!
by: Kerry

Hi Joanne.

I'm really sorry to hear your bunny is not well and I'll do my best to help out but please remember I'm not a vet.

A course of antibiotics would be the solution a vet offers when things have got to a critical stage.

I am an advocate of prevention rather than cure so at some point you must access 'why' and 'how' your rabbit got snuffles in the first place.

Colloidal silver may help if you feel there is not too much pain or suffering at this moment in time but if a rabbit has stopped eating or drinking then things are quite serious.

The key is to research as much as possible so you can come from a better understanding yourself as only you know your rabbit and only you know when something is not right. Knowing the signs can be the life-saving trigger you need in any situation.

You can find out more about Snuffles here....


Snuffles is a term used to describe the symptoms of runny eyes, runny nose and sneezing in rabbits. The cause of these symptoms is often a chronic bacterial infection in the tear ducts and nasal sinuses. The bacteria involved are usually Pasteurella spp or Staphylococcus spp.

And go here for advice on natural antibiotics & colloidal silver.


(Click any of the colloidal silver images to be taken to details about dosage)

Don't forget the true colloidal silver is the one you want and has a cloudy & murky colour
and NOT the clear liquid with bits of silver in it - this will not work.

Colloidal silver, like most natural substances (including grapefruit seed drops and echinacea) is not dangerous and dosage can be used to your own discretion. Silver has compounds so small it can be absorbed by the skin so spraying directly to wounds is a beneficial part of this miracle substance.

If you want to research more and really be 'in the know' then please get the iRabbit READY 3 part system as this will set you up with everything you need to prevent anything like this happening again.

The 7 Fundamentals of Rabbit Health in Step 1 of the iRabbit READY System will redefine old thinking with easy to understand, revolutionary information, reports & fact-sheets.

(Copy and paste this link for the iRabbit READY overview presentation...


or click on any of the advertised links on the Just Rabbits site)

I hope I have helped in some small way to getting you and your bunny back to perfect health.

Good luck and please let me know how you and bunny get on.


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