Rabbit Very Underweight?

by Claire

Healthy Baby Bunny

Healthy Baby Bunny

I've had a pair of rabbits for just 2 months (they are 4 months old).

One has always been smaller than the other, but in the last few weeks he's lost more weight.

We took him to the vet last Friday as he became lethargic and had diarrhoea.

She gave me some de-worming stuff and antibiotics to give him and told me he only weighs 0.9kg.

He has perked up since and his droppings are normal but he isn't gaining weight and actually feels even thinner today and not as bouncy as yesterday.

I'm still giving him the medication but I don't know what else to do but am super worried about his weight.

His brother who lives with him is absolutely fine, glossy coat, big size, bouncy etc.

Does anyone have any advice?

I'm really worried x

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Sep 01, 2015
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by: Kerry

Hi Claire,

This must be really worrying for you, especially when you have not been told 'why' this may be happening to him.

You haven't said what breed he is and a picture would be good too, as it's very difficult to judge just on a description.

Needless to say, I'm sure you know what's normal and what isn't and if his brother is bigger and 'bouncier' then something is clearly not quite right.

I take it they are both eating the same thing too??

Perhaps you should monitor what the little one is actually eating and drinking and I mean really keep an eye on what he is eating and drinking or maybe in this case what he is 'not' eating and drinking.

It may be something inside that isn't right - usually the digestive tract is the culprit for most things like this.

It really could be anything!

If he's quite a furry breed, it could be trapped fur inside the gut (try some pineapple to help break down the fur)

If he has a dental problem it could be that he's not getting enough nutrients through his diet.

But as your vet has given him a worming treatment perhaps this was suspected, in which case it may be a while before you see an improvement.

This symptom checker is always a good place to start when you're not sure. Each link will take you to a specific page with loads more information that may help:


I really hope the little fella gets better real soon and starts putting the weight back on.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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