Rabbit with Liver Issues

by Lisa Oxenham

Poorly Bunny

Poorly Bunny

Hi there - my very poorly rabbit has liver disease and he also has fluid on his chest and a bad skin problem.

He's been in the vets for a week but he isn't eating so I've brought him home to feed him and so he's more comfortable.

He lies with his eyes closed a lot of the time - he is on pain killers and antibiotics. He also has weird hiccups - once an hour.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm getting him some milk thistle tincture and I'll get some echinacea today too.

He's my gorgeous love and I'm devastated so any help is very appreciated.

Lisa and Valentine x

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Jun 15, 2016
Possibly everything you need to know...
by: Kerry - Just Rabbits Limited

Hi Lisa,

Oh my goodness, you must be at your wits end.

Strangely enough the drugs the vets have given him may not be your answer at all and could be making the situation worse, depending on the reason why your bunny is sick in the first place.

I'm obviously not a vet but I do have a Rex rabbit that is over 10 years old and has NEVER been to the vets for sickness and disease ever.

I'm a strong believer in finding the root cause of an illness and dealing with that in a natural, process of elimination type way.

This article written by a very knowledgable member of the House Rabbit Society is the best I've seen covering everything you could wish to know on the subject and what to do about it...


I really hope you manage to help you precious Valentine in time and he is soon on the road to a speedy recovery.

Thanks for sharing your story and please let us know the good news when all is well again :-)

Warmest regards
Kerry Greener
Just Rabbits Limited

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