Rabbits for Foodies

by Bunny Collector

Lops lovin their food!

Lops lovin their food!

We have food themed Rabbits here, except poor Thumper. He does live up to his name though :D

Bunny #1
Female Dwarf Hotot
Names Considered:
Named: Marshmallow aka Marshy, Marsh of Mellow

Bunny #2
Female Mini Rex
White with tri colored speckling
Names considered:
Named: Cookie aka Cookie Dough; Cookie Crumb

Bunny #3
Male Mini Lop
Chinchilla (Grey)
Names Considered:
Thumpalina (When we thought he was a she)
Named: Thumpalina to Thumper aka Thumpy or Thumpy Wumpy

Bunny #4
Female Mini Rex Mini lop cross
Anything cookie due to Mother, Cookie's cookies
Named: Snickerdoodle aka Snicker, Snickie, Snicks, Ms. Doodle

Bunny #5
Male Mini Rex Mini Lop
Named: Peanut Butter aka Nutter Butter, Nut Butt, Peanut

Bunny #6
Female Brown Dutch
Names considered:
Named: Coco aka Cuckoo (had a small biting issue at first that made her nicknamed Sybil for awhile)

Bunny #7
Male black/Dark Brown Netherland Dwarf
Names Considered:
Coke a Cola
Nuka Cola
Named: Coffee aka Crack Rabbit (Thanks husband!) due to perceived hyperactivity on his part.

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