Rabbits or Mice??

by Ayushi

A Bit of Home DIY

A Bit of Home DIY

My rabbits, 'Furry' and 'Cuddly', are both males.

When they were young I didn't know if their genders and since I didn't want them mating, I put them in separate cages.

But away from the main door they found a small opening where they could get out of the cage.

One night, my mom woke me up telling me that they were out of cage and roaming outside in the living room.

Not thinking much about it, I just went and put them back in the cage.

The next day, all the telephones had stopped working.

We had recently got the rabbits from a friend's place, and we didn't know much about them

But when the electrician came to check on the phones, he told us, "ma'am, you have mice in your house. They have nibbled and damaged all your telephone wires and this is why they are not working. Please some pest control in."

My friend and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the 'cleverness' of those rabbits! :P

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Aug 03, 2015
Naughty Nibblers!
by: Kerry - Just Rabbits

Ha Ha,

Yes they're naughty aren't they.

I'm glad you didn't get pest control in! lol

Mine used to be like that but you can 'train' the naughty nibbling out of them believe it or not.

It took me a complete house re-wire and two new computer cable sets to figure out though.

Now I just sacrifice a cardboard box every now and then and some willow sticks - yumm!!

Great story Ayushi, thanks for sharing :-)

Kerry x

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