Rabbits Really Know Your Schedule

by Annica



Rabbits really know your schedule lol...

I have three house bunnies but my babies are my 2 white ones, Dora and Deigo.

Lily just recently joined our group so she isn't that well behaved yet.

Deigo is our 'cuddler'. He allows my kids to hold him and have cuddles all day. He's got no problem with this at all.

My girl, Dora, well she isn't much of a cuddler but does like a good chase. She will come to you and beg for treats too.

I've noticed in the evening, usually after I lock them in their cages for the night, (so my cat doesn't bother them too much), whenever I get home they're always standing on their back legs waiting for me to come and pet them and feed them before I go to bed.

One night, I was so tired I didn't go to their cage, I went straight to bed. Deigo, my boy, didn't like that at all. He stomped and made all sorts of noise until I got up and went to them. After that he relaxed and I didn't hear another noise from him again.

Strange, right?!

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Jul 04, 2016
Good Information
by: Anonymous

This is a very nice and interesting information that you have provided.

Aug 21, 2015
My Bunnies Know the Routine Too
by: Jan Perryman

Charlie is 16 months old and Bracken is 5 months old. They are lionheads.

When I first got them I always made a clucking/squeaky sound when I approached them. Then I said softly and repeated "what we got?" (Sounds daft now I have written it down!)

I always gave them a treat of some herbs or flowers. After a short while they associated my silly vocals with the promise of food.

Now they rush to the fence in anticipation and have gone one better; they hear the gate click and they are there!

Bracken puts her front paws up the fence (Charlie is more refined and waits patiently!) Sometimes she sits and begs all on cue.

Bunnies really are so intelligent and you can 'feel' their smiles.

Jul 29, 2015

by: Kerry

Lovely story Annica.

Sounds like they've got you wrapped round their little paws!

Rabbits certainly keep a note of your routine, yes :-)

They really do know your schedule and will adjust their routines around YOU giving them food, exercise/attention and grooming.

My Smudge (Rex male) is very connected to me. He's a little bit like a dog. He will sit with me while I work and come and go out of the 'dog flap' as and when he needs to into the garden and then come and sit by my feet again.

He nudges me if I've got engrossed in my work at my desk too. He tells me when it's dinner time and he'll go to sleep, under my bed right under me, when I do.

Sometimes I have a late night if I've got a large project on and don't go to sleep until 2am. He'll stay awake with me and then have a lay in with me too!

Don't you just love them!

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