Serious Rabbit Eye Injury

by SG
(Temple Texas)

Rabbit with Eye Injury

Rabbit with Eye Injury

Rabbit with Eye Injury
Healthy Rabbit Eye
Scratched Rabbit's Eye

My rabbit got poked in the eye by a piece of wire.

It was swollen really bad.

We didn't go to the vet because most don't know a lot about rabbits.

A friend told us to use Neosporin and it is helping a little.

Is there anything else that can help?

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Jul 22, 2015
Quite serious!
by: Kerry

I'm really sorry to hear about your poor bunny's eye.

Unfortunately a bad eye injury is quite serious for most pets as eyes work in much the same way across the board.

Without seeing the eye it is very difficult to say but any injury to the eye can lead to permanent scarring or blindness if penetrating or ulcerative lesions develop.
If your rabbit is still squinting to protect his eye, or there is an abnormal appearance of the eyeball or any time the eyelid cannot cover the eye, or if there is any blood within or around the eye, its time to see the veterinarian without delay. These are all classed as medical emergencies and you really must take your rabbit to the vet.

It doesn't matter if your vet is rabbit savvy or not - an eye injury will be treated the same as any other pet.

Most veterinarians look at any eye issues as needing priority rather than having a lets-see-what-happens approach.

Even a minor scratch on the cornea from a piece of wire can lead to consequences that would be disastrous for your bunny.

Home treatment of eye injuries is not recommended without a veterinarian's inspection first.

Good luck and I really hope bunny gets better soon.

Kerry :-)

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