Should I Keep the Head Collar on My Rabbit?

by Kelly
(United Kingdom )

My doe rabbit, Rose has been spayed recently and after the surgery she took a reaction to the stitches that were used to heal her wound after the operation.

The stitches were removed, replaced with staples and she was given the collar of shame (head collar) to wear for 10 days.

Her staples were removed today and the wound is healing well but due to having the collar on for such a long time and being unable to clean and groom herself she got an infection and ear mites!

She's now been given ear drops and 'Spot On' to treat the infection but I'm wondering if I should put the head collar on again to prevent her from over cleaning/scratching the infected ear and then making it worse.

Any positive advice or tips would be appreciated.

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Feb 02, 2015
No More Shame...
by: Kerry

Hi Kelly,

I am not a vet and can only offer my opinion and maybe some helpful advice...

If you bunny has been a diligent groomer in the past then I think she should have the common sense to look after herself now. I don't think putting the collar on will help. In fact I think it would make it worse again.

When her immune system is low and she's trying to fight infection the best thing to do is make sure gets good nutrition in her diet and gets plenty of exercise.

With rabbits, movement and exercise actually helps the digestion and absorbtion of vital vitamins and minerals.

Some good sources of food to give a poorly rabbit are lots and lots of fresh Hay (Timothy), Kale (good source of vitamin A) and lots of fresh, clean water (not purified).

Some more diet tips can be found here:

This page has some amazing Natural Antibiotics ideas for you:

I hope those pages give you some help and Rose is soon on the road to recovery!

All the very bunny-best
Kerry :-)

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