Snuffles? Allergies? Sinus Infection?

by Henderson Party of 5
(Adams Co. IL)

Mr. Oreo

Mr. Oreo

Mr. Oreo
Ms. Nibbles
Ms. Clover

We are new to rabbits.

We got our 2 ladies (New Zealand) in April and our gentleman (Californian) in June.

Our gentleman (Oreo) started sneezing when we brought him home. We figured it was the change in environment, moving from the breeders to our barn, or maybe it was allergies?

Then it stopped for a while. Now it comes and goes. When he gets a sneeze attack, he sneezes, snorts, and there's a clear discharge from his nose.

His eyes & lids are clear and there's ruffling in his lungs. His appetite is consistent. We think it's all in his nose.

But 2 weeks ago one of our ladies started sneezing too.

The vet recommended treating all 3 by putting them on 10 days antibiotics (Baytril) but cautioned that it may cause internal damage.

They said we needed to make sure we added a pro-biotic and multi-vitamin to their diets to help combat the potential damage.

The vet said it was Snuffles, that it's not curable, highly contagious, that all rabbits actually have the virus passed down at birth and that we can only manage their symptoms.

The vet made it sound horrific!

Our rabbits could possibly die from sneezing and clear mucus?

I am going to try some of the natural remedies first, as the alternative prescribed medicine seems so harsh.

Has anyone else ever had success with natural remedies to treat snuffles?

Please help, we don't want Mr. Oreo, Ms. Clover, and Ms. Nibbles to suffer.

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Jun 17, 2016
What I've Tried
by: G

I have a rabbit with snuffles and I have pretty much been forced to result to natural remedies to treat her.

What I have found to work is using Echinacea (liquid form) and grapefruit extract (also liquid) and putting about 15-20 drops for a 30oz. bottle of water. This has worked for quite some time in boosting her immune system and fighting bacterial infection.

However, I must add that this is not full proof as her symptoms still appear occasionally. But it's a great start and an affordable way to help my bunny fight her illness. I will be trying more natural remedies until I can see a vet, but I hope my recommendations help!

Sep 10, 2015
Help in a bottle?
by: Kerry


I just read you post and my thoughts are with you at this difficult time with your bunnies.

I thought I'd share a few snippets of information that may help...

You can read all about Pasteurella here:

and here:
The paragraph at the bottom titled 'Current Research' is quite interesting.

You may also like to try one of nature's solutions here:

You could also try Red Raspberry leaf tablets (sprinkled over food) and echinacea.
You can read more here:

But your vet is right, there is no easy way to manage this and the virus will stay but there is a possibility that you can minimize symptoms and suffering.

The real key is actually not by treating the symptoms but dealing with the 'cause', which is the virus and how it develops. Stopping the progression is important.

A strong immune system can help with this.

If you can find ways to build and strengthen this, then your gorgeous bunnies will alright.

The best ways forward with this are:

1. Clean Environment (Free from dust, toxins, faeces, urine, mould etc)

2. Diet & Nutrition (Fresh clean hay & grass, fresh water, fresh greens & vegetables daily - plus supplements & probiotics)

3. Exercise - this is a vital key part of the immune system believe it or not. (a rabbit needs to move at least a football pitch worth per day in order for their digestive tract to work properly - if this does not happen then all of their body functions are compromised one way or another)

I really hope I have helped a little bit, and I hope they all get better soon.

Kerry :-)

(P.S. - Please remember, I am not a vet and I offer this help only as a guide based on my experience and research over the past 20 years).

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