Stale way!


Fresh hay please!

Fresh hay please!

Our lop eared bunny is going to be 1 year in April. He is eating a good amount of hay each day along with organic greens and 1/8 cup of pellets.

The one finicky trait he has is he refuses to eat day old hay!

We buy Timothy Hay that is long and most of the hay is still greenish even though it is dry. However the hay that falls out of his hay ball while he eats during the day turns brown and that's the hay he refuses to eat.

I gather it up each night and put it in his tray but he just pushes it out of the tray and never eats it. Even if it's the only hay left for him to eat.

Eventually I refill his hay ball with fresh hay and throw out the 'stale' hay.

What a waste.

Any ideas to help?

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Feb 07, 2014
Name of bunny
by: Anonymous

This wonderful sweet loving binky boy's name is Kookanadda (kook-a-nadda). He has brought so much joy into our lives.

Feb 06, 2014
Fussy Eaters Like It Sweeter?
by: Kerry

Great post - shame we don't know this fussy little guys name, perhaps he has royal blood hey!

I can't guarantee this will work but it did for one of my fussy bunnies...

Spray the discarded hay with a little squirt of diluted fruit juice - mine used to love pineapple. The sweet taste will encourage nibbling.

However, bunnies are clever and they know you will eventually bring more hay so it could mean a long 'retraining' process and some strong will power on your part to not keep changing the hay. :-)

To not waste it though, you could use it for litter trays and bedding. I put my old hay in the bottom of litter trays (on top of the newspaper) as it makes for more comfortable sitting.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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