Stuck or Retained Kits...

by BunnyMama
(Ashtabula Ohio)

Baby Bunnies (Stock Photo)

Baby Bunnies (Stock Photo)


I have a 1 year old tort doe (today is her birthday).

I bred her on 8/21 and today is day 34.

Last night, (day33) I attempted to induce labor via tums bc she was not nesting/kindling.

This is her first litter.

At 5:45am on day 34 she finally began nesting.

She lost her placenta at about 9:30am.

She was in labor for 3 hours pushing and pulling.

By the second hour I had called every vet within a 60 mile radius with no luck (my vet wasn't in today).

After two and a half hours we finally got the head through but it took another half hour to get the rest of it out.

Once the baby was out (he didn't make it obviously) mama began to act okay.

She was eating, hopping around, etc. she's had alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, orchard grass hay, some apples and celery along with her feed.

By 5pm I noticed she was going into labor again.

She has not passed another placenta and has so far only pushed out blood.

I'm worried about there being a stuck or retained kit.

She is still eating, drinking and going to the bathroom which is great, but I'm still highly concerned for her.

My vet opens at 7am, so I have about 8 hours to go before I can call to get her seen, any suggestions on how I can help her make it that long?

I have also given her some critical care and attempted to put triple antibiotic ointment on her vent to help her deliver them better.

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Sep 25, 2015
Nature's way...
by: Kerry

Oh my poor little thing.

If you can, lubricate her with mineral oil and soak her back end in warm clean water.

Let her run around outside, getting her muscles moving will kick start all sorts of internal activity that will really help. If she needs encouragement to run then I'm sure you can entice her with a favourite treat.

It's really good that she's still eating, drinking and going to the toilet - all really good signs that she is still A OK!

Once any of those stop that's when a Vet trip is really needed. But make sure you have a back up plan.

Nature has a way of working these things out and she will probably pass the dead kit at some point in the next few hours.

Also, if the kit is retained, once they start to decompose they will be eliminated much easier. (Awful to say I know but quite natural)

Try to avoid the drugs if you can as her immune system is very weak now and in some cases drugs that induce labour have been known to kill the does.

Lavender, sage and mint are all good herbs to give plus others have reported Tums also help (crushed in their water).

I really hope she is OK - good luck :-)

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