The Kiwi Rabbit Triplets

by Charmaine Burdett
(South Australia)

Rabbits Who Chase Cats!

Rabbits Who Chase Cats!

We planned for one and came home with three!

When our oldest bunny passed away at nearly seven, we wanted to adopt an older rabbit that needed a home.

We went to the Animal Welfare League and at that time they had removed over one hundred NZ giants from a hoarding situation.

They were vet checked and those suitable were put up for adoption.

We decided on an inseparable pair being a small young male and an older female.

We called them Nymble and Jasmine.

The assistant asked if we could take another older female and just looking at her she melted our hearts.

No way would Pippa be left behind.

That was over a year ago, and they are a "big" part of our family.

Nymble is very outgoing and friendly and always comes up for a pat and nose rub but the girls are more reserved and shy in their cages, wanting to hide behind a piece of blanket.

Each of our rabbits are allowed a couple of days where they can have the run of our secure backyard and this is when Jasmine's playfull nature come out.

She hides behind the wheelie bin and waits for one of our cats to appear. She then puts her ears back and chases them as fast as they can go until they take refuge in the garage. She does not hurt them but we have noticed that a couple of the cats have trimmed nicely down lately.

These three rabbits have been fun and a real joy.

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