Tragic Loss of Rabbits - Possible RHD-2

by Sarah




We bought 2 six week old mini lops 5 months ago for my daughter's 9th birthday.

Ginger was poorly on Monday, and we got an emergency appointment at the vets, but she started fitting. I rushed her down there, but she literally died as I walked through the door.

The vet said it was probably a virus, possibly RHD-2, and they would be getting the vaccine in a month or so.

We kept a close eye on Snowy and he seemed fine, although he did look sad.

We found him dead in his bed yesterday morning. We are all devastated.

The vet never mentioned having an autopsy for either and they have now both gone for cremation.

I feel terrible that we don't actually know what killed them and if we could have prevented it.

I know this is a horrible story, but is there a procedure that our vet should have taken?

How do cases get reported if there is no requirement for an autopsy?

Should we have had Snowy put to sleep if it was inevitable that he would die as well?

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Jan 26, 2017
Contact your vet
by: Kerry

Ask your vet if there have been any other reported sudden deaths in the area.

Post a question on our Facebook page or in any Rabbit forum about deaths in your area.

Also check the source. Where did your rabbits come from? Check the breeder. Ask to see the parents etc.

Don't ever get rabbits from a pet shop or a breeder that is not registered and checked.

If there is an all clear then it's Ok to have bunnies in your life again.

The best place to get rabbits are a rescue centre.

Read this to see why...

Good luck :-)

Dec 10, 2016
Rabbit deaths
by: Anonymous

I bought two Rex rabbits 9 months ago, and within 4 months they both had died Butterbell was running round the garden doing binkies the night before with her sister Blue and the next morning she was flat out in the hutch and later died at the vets, Blue died 3 days later, she seemed fine over the weekend , but on the Monday off her food, the vet gave her the all clear, she was dead Tuesday morning. I will never get over this dreadful loss. I had to chop up their lovely new hutch and bin all their bowls and toys. When is it safe to buy more? Many thanks

Oct 03, 2016
RHD2 is a silent killer
by: Kerry

Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and this is just my opinion but, YES the vet should have done an autopsy. Sudden, unexplained death should be investigated.

Please read the article I wrote about RHDV2 and go back to your vet and get some more answers.

If there is a virus outbreak in your area then there are due diligence steps everyone needs to be aware of in order to limit the virus spreading further.

Again, I'm so sorry for your tragic loss, very sad passing of Ginger and Snowy.

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