What Breed is My Rabbit?

by Lily's Owner

Lily - My Proper Princess

Lily - My Proper Princess

This is Lily, my eldest girl and a proper little princess.

At the time this photo was taken she was about 2 years old and had stopped growing.

We were told by a friend that she resembles my friend's late British Giant, but is far too small so we're presuming she's not full British Giant.

What we're trying to establish is what the other 1/2 of her is - unfortunately asking the owner of her parents wouldn't be possible.

Here's a few things about her that we do know:

She weighs 2.6kg

She's very muscular & athletic...loves burrowing

I'm almost certain her fur is Chestnut agouti and she's got a strange pattern change in the fur on her bum...it looks like she's got someone else's bum because the fur pattern differs so much from the fur elsewhere.

She has very big paws (especially the back ones) and has a very "regal" sitting stance.

Also, and I don't know if this makes much or any difference, but the fur under her belly is white & looks like she's wearing an apron.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me to shed some light on what breed she's likely to be...we've got 4 rabbits & know what the other 3 are.


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Oct 09, 2015
your pet rabbit is a dwarf toy
by: Anonymous

i am from madrid spain, and my queen rabbit ( 4yrs old) looks exactly like your princess ! they call it here dwarf toy

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