Why is it Good to Always Spay or Neuter Rabbits?

by Rita Celeste
(Rural Georgia US)

Happily Living Together

Happily Living Together

Why Spay or Neuter Rabbits?

I raised rabbits as kid and I never understood the long separation of rabbits, the tossing them together to mate, and then the separating of them.

It seems like the way to do it if you just expect the males to rape any female you toss them at.

No wonder so many bunnies don't act like proper bunnies, they are trained not to.

I have two young females and a male that are doing well living together.

I have plans to enlarge the current cage and build more for when the females have babies.

Basically I think this male will be a fine papa once the babies are old enough to venture out of the hutch. He will watch over them, not eat them.

Not all rabbits are pet quality. Some don't have the temperament to find their way to the pet store.

I fully intend to deal with whatever comes about as far as a population explosion.

I fail to see why bunnies with papers to take to shows and often bred and housed quite differently from mine (which reside in my living room) are just better rabbits than mine.

I don't understand it at all.

I don't understand why my local pet store would be so keen on having access to 8 week old bunnies at all times and not consider my bunnies.

Your bunny had to come from somewhere didn't it? How do you know I am too incompetent to be allowed the privilege of owning an intact animal?

Papers are over-rated as are many respectable breeders and rabbit farms used by pet stores in my opinion.

I bet bunny spray doesn't stink as bad as cat spray, been there done that too!!!

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